Women love hair extensions because they are the easiest way to get longer, luscious, and thicker hair. They come in various styles, colors, lengths, and volumes. Whatever type of extensions you choose, make sure they're made of real human hair. Otherwise, they will look more natural and blend in with your hair.

While hair extensions can be a lifesaver on a bad hair day, a lot of misinformation can prevent you from making a decision. This post will debunk some common extensions myths and discuss the truth behind those misconceptions.

4 Myths About Tape in hair extensions

Myth 1 - Hair Extensions Result in Thin and Damaged Hair

This myth has persisted since the invention of the first hair extensions. However, if you choose your extensions after considering your hair type, you won't have to worry about damaged or thin hair. For example, use tape in hair extensions if your hair is thin. Clip-in extensions, on the other hand, are best suited for medium to long hair.

Furthermore, hair extension methods that use heat or glue for application may cause damage to fine hair. If your hair is fragile, you should use tape-ins or low-density clip-ins. However, if your hair is thick and short, you can wear clip-in or tape-in wefts without fear of hair damage.

Myth 2 - Hair Extensions Will Cost You a Fortune

Human hair extensions made from Remy's hair are unquestionably more expensive than synthetic wefts. However, wearing high quality hair extensions does not have to break the bank. 

With so many options to consider, determining how much hair extensions cost may appear overwhelming. Finally, researching and identifying a reputable and affordable brand is the key to purchasing high-quality extensions at a reasonable price.

Myth 3 - Hair Extensions Won't Blend with Your Natural Hair

It is especially true for synthetic extensions. However, real human hair extensions blend in so well with your natural hair that no one can tell you're wearing wefts. The hair strands are silky-smooth from top to bottom, allowing them to blend seamlessly with your hair. Our Remy human hair extensions have intact cuticles, which promotes natural blending.

You won't have any blending issues if you choose the right extensions for your hair type and install them correctly. Also, choose a color as close to natural hair color as possible.

Myth 4 - Hair Extensions Are High Maintenance

Only some hair extensions require a lot of upkeep. You do not need to visit a salon to adjust or install clip-in extensions. Clip the wefted hair, style them, and you're ready to rock your long, luscious locks. The same can be said for hats and ponytail extensions.

However, when it comes to tape-ins or other sophisticated extensions, you must visit a salon every three to four weeks to move them up a bit, as natural hair growth can cause them to loosen over time. If you take good care of hair extensions, they will last a long time.

Furthermore, unlike natural hair, you can wash hair extensions sparingly. After all, the wefts aren't attached to anything.