You've been saving hairstyles to your Pinterest board for years. As salons reopen, you may believe that now is the moment to obtain the hair extensions you've been wanting. What essentials will you need to make this an enjoyable experience rather than a terrifying one?

Which professional stylist will you hire? 

If you want long-lasting extensions, you need to pick the correct stylist, preferably someone specializing in textured hair extensions installation. To make an informed decision, be willing to speak with numerous stylists at various salons. Hair extensions are specialized, so be cautious while looking for a professional. The top stylists will let you in for a consultation. Make the appointment and bring photographs of what you desire. Make notes and be prepared to ask questions while speaking with the stylist. Remember, you're interviewing them for a job to put your hair extensions. Only schedule another visit if you are confident in their abilities.

What is your budget?

Consider getting hair extensions to be an investment. Be honest about your budget, and be prepared to tip your stylist generously. You can spend hundreds of dollars depending on your desire. Keep in mind that the quality of your hair extensions is critical. You want to appear as natural as possible as if you are not using hair extensions. If you choose something too inexpensive, you may be disappointed and appear wearing a wig.

What type of hair is used? 

The greatest extensions are chemical-free, 100% human hair, and ethically sourced. You must not have treated the hair with raw chemicals or silicone added to it. The greatest hair extensions are Indian Remy hair extensions, which means the hair is aligned from the cuticle direction and is equally from the top and bottom. You'll have to pay a bit more, but the feel of your hair and the confidence you'll gain will be well worth it.

What type of hair extension you want? 

Don't just go with what your best friend or the latest celebrity has recommended on Instagram. It may look lovely on them, but everyone's hair is different, and what works for one person definetly not work for others. It is critical to conduct research before visiting a salon for a consultation. Hair extensions are classified into five types:

  • Tape in hair extensions typically last about 2 months. The extension will be placed in and taped to your hair. Sew-ins last between 2 and 4 months. It is braided and sewn into your hair and is also known as a weave.
  • Clip-in hair extensions keep for 2 to 4 months. These pre-clipped strips snap into place at the root of your hair.

How will the installation process work? 

Inquire with the stylist about how long the installation will take. Depending the type and complexity of the labor involved, some hair extensions might take up to 5 hours to apply. Other methods, such as utilizing tape hair extensions, may take less time because the extensions are designed to last 6-8 weeks. 

How will you maintain the hair extensions once they are installed?

Beautiful hair extensions may require more time to care for at home. You can have a world-class five-star salon conduct the work, but the maintenance will be your duty. The correct stylist will not let you leave the salon as soon as your extensions are installed but will walk you through the specific products to use on your new extensions.

How good is your current natural hair without hair extensions? 

Because you will wear and care for your hair extensions like you do your own hair, optimum hair health is essential before the additions are applied. A good salon will tell you if your hair is healthy enough for extensions. If your hair is excessively brittle or dry, you'll need advice on how to get it in shape before adding extensions.


Now that you've got your answers, why not let your hair down? Then you can gaze in the mirror and feel your hair has grown overnight! However, the finest sensation realizes that the Pinterest ideas you've been saving have become a reality.